4 Steps To Leaving Your Union


Are you thinking about leaving your union? If you feel that your union isn’t representing you then you have the power and choice to resign your membership. Here are four steps to guide you through the process.

1. Generally, by Supreme Court precedent, you may resign union membership at any time. However, in Pennsylvania, unions may include a “maintenance of membership” clause that limits when members may resign. Check your school district’s collective bargaining agreement, or teachers’ contract, to see if yours includes one. This is frequently an annual 10-day or two-week period, or a period right before your contract expires.

2. If you are outside your permitted resignation period, you may still be able to leave your union when you wish. Where collective bargaining agreements have expired, a “maintenance of membership” clause may not apply.

3. However, even if your contract is expired, you may be bound by a union requirement to resign before October 1. Check your PSEA enrollment form for this paragraph. Just above your signature you will usually find a paragraph explaining how and when to resign. In each educator’s case, it will be dated with the year you joined your union.

4. For a smooth exit, submit your resignation letter during the Maintenance of Membership period outlined in your collective bargaining agreement for your school district and local.

Contact Keith at keith@freetoteach.org if you have any questions on how to resign.

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