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Janus and Williams: Future is bright for government workers

Mark Janus and Keith Williams, both former government workers, believe it’s critical to protect the freedom of association of public sector workers. In this article, they explain why the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME is already doing a world of good for workers who have long disagreed with how their labor unions are run.

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Sorry, you don’t get to vote

Fewer than 1% of current public school teachers in Pennsylvania had the opportunity to vote to certify the union that represents them. How can unions claim to be the “representatives” of teachers if the teachers never even got to vote? We criticize that kind of autocracy in civics class, and shouldn’t accept it in the workplace.

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There’s an easy solution to unions’ “freeloader” problem

If teachers aren’t paying for union representation, they should not receive union benefits. Teachers who never joined the union and/or were fee payers actually wanted this state of affairs from the beginning of their employment. They are happy to negotiate their own contracts.
The problem is, they have never had the option of representing themselves. Unions should advocate that they do.

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Poll Finds Union Leaders Out of Touch

Today, teachers across Pennsylvania are forced to pay for union activities that many don’t support. To many, they feel manipulated by unions that don’t represent their interests or beliefs. The majority of teachers have never had the opportunity to vote for their...

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March Madness Union Dues Scam

To flush their political coffer with cash, the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty (APSCUF) runs a dues rebate campaign annually. APSCUF designs the rebate campaign by first overcharging members on dues. Then around March, the union sends...

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Voting for Your Union

Imagine if a political party could stay in power for four decades without facing reelection. Thankfully, we have regular elections in this country. But for Pennsylvania teachers, this is reality. Chances are you’ve voted for union officers, but never for your union....

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