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Join our diverse network of teachers across the commonwealth and exercise your First Amendment rights to freedom of association without threats or coercion from powerful state and national unions.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

Supportive Community

Our network is built on the strength of our diversity – educators from a variety of political backgrounds and perspectives but who are unified in our commitment to protecting free speech and free association. As part of our community, you’ll have opportunities to share best practices, gain insight into new educational trends, and positively affect education policy in Pennsylvania.

Tools & Resources

Know your rights, understand your options, and have all the facts you need to make informed decisions about your profession. Team up with other professionals from across the state to share experiences, support one another, and leverage a network of educational leaders.

Direct Influence on Education Policy

You’re an intelligent professional. At Free to Teach, it’s not our job to tell you what to think. In fact, our members actually come from a diverse background of political parties and perspectives. We all agree that teachers are smart people with great ideas. We help our members come together with policymakers and legislators to ensure that “The Voice” that is heard is your own.

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