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about us

Our purpose is to help teachers exercise their First Amendment rights to freedom of association without threats or coercion from unions.

We exist for the purpose of educating, equipping, and empowering teachers with the resources and support they need to speak out with their own voices, apart from bureaucrats and the state and national unions steeped in their own, often lopsided and disconnected, political agendas. State and national teachers’ unions have dominated the conversation on education reform, and we believe teachers themselves deserve a place at the table.

What we do

Many labor unions and school districts are not adequately informing or are misrepresenting (not necessarily on purpose) how educators' rights have changed since Janus v. AFSCME. As such, we provide educational materials by mail and connect with educators on social media. These are some of the few avenues available to provide important information on their rights, to which they otherwise would not have access. We also make our staff available to meet in-person with educators or groups of educators at their request.

What we do not do

Beyond mail, we do not attempt to contact anyone over email, phone, or through door-knocking unless they explicitly reach out to us for more information and have provided contact information to us. We also maintain a “do not contact” list and immediately honor the request for anyone who does not wish to receive future mailings.

What Are My Rights?

Free to Teach (FTT) is an initiative of Americans for Fair Treatment that empowers Pennsylvania teachers to create the best possible environment for their students, their schools, and themselves. At FTT, we work to shed light on issues facing teachers and to provide information, resources, and options. Beyond that, we provide a supportive and diverse network of teachers across the commonwealth who share the same concerns and believe there’s a better way.

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