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NEA crackdown on locals gets national attention


Our organization director, Keith Williams, has an editorial this week in the Wall Street Journal on the NEA’s new rules to prevent locals from leaving the fold.

Here’s an excerpt:

In the past five years at least 11 local teachers unions have departed from the NEA and its state affiliates….I’m not surprised. Most teachers I know value their local unions, but many are fed up with the bureaucratic, hyperpolitical and remote NEA. 

We’ve also been keeping an eye on readers’ responses to the article. This one, from a retired Pennsylvania teacher named David Folan, was particularly enlightening:

Others with education and/or union ties also weighed in, calling the NEA “craven and backwards,” and arguing that only local unions really understand local needs:

Here at Free to Teach, we’re glad we could shine a light on a little-known issue that resonates with so many educators. We’ll keep you posted on the value of independent local unions.

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