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Poll Finds Union Leaders Out of Touch

Today, teachers across Pennsylvania are forced to pay for union activities that many don’t support. To many, they feel manipulated by unions that don’t represent their interests or beliefs. The majority of teachers have never had the opportunity to vote for their...

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March Madness Union Dues Scam

To flush their political coffer with cash, the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty (APSCUF) runs a dues rebate campaign annually. APSCUF designs the rebate campaign by first overcharging members on dues. Then around March, the union sends...

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Voting for Your Union

Imagine if a political party could stay in power for four decades without facing reelection. Thankfully, we have regular elections in this country. But for Pennsylvania teachers, this is reality. Chances are you’ve voted for union officers, but never for your union....

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Freedom on the horizon for Pa. teachers?

How much money will you have to pay a private political organization just to keep your job this year? If this question sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is — unless you are a public school teacher in Pennsylvania or one of 24 other forced-union states. Then, it’s...

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Politics over Teachers?

How would you feel if your employer took funds meant for your health insurance and spent them on partisan politics? Sadly, this is a reality for thousands of teachers in Philadelphia. Evan Grossman of has the story: Every year, the [School District of...

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Meet the Most Controversial Teacher in America

Rebecca Friedrichs is no stranger to controversy. A teacher and former union member, her case against the California Teachers Association will be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court and could have historical impact on union membership rules for educators. Rebecca has...

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One Teacher Can Make a Difference

This past summer, veteran teacher Rebecca Friedrichs found herself in the limelight. The U.S. Supreme Court decided to take up her case against the California Teachers Association regarding union membership rules for educators. Currently, unions can force teachers to...

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It’s Time to Free Pennsylvania Teachers

This op-ed is written by Julie Raab, a teacher in Dauphin County and originally appeared in PennLive on August 30, 2015. After almost 30 years as an elementary school teacher and librarian in Central Dauphin School District, I still love the start of the school year....

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Pension Reform to Protect my Kids

I chose teaching because I enjoy interacting with students and helping them learn.  My science classes show students that certain actions yield predictable results.  With this in mind, I am particularly concerned about Pennsylvania’s current retirement system for...

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Teacher Defies Union Control of Charitable Donation

It’s a different day, but it’s the same story about the PSEA’s treatment of educators that religiously object to union membership. Last year, FTT told you about Chris Meier and Jane Ladley, two Pennsylvania teachers who chose to become religious objectors and have the...

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Teacher Appreciation Week Survey Winner

This year during Teacher Appreciation Week, Free to Teach hosted a survey to learn more about Pennsylvania’s teachers – straight from the source! Every participating educator was entered into a drawing for a $150 Target gift card. After receiving more than 1,000...

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